our clients can get access to reliable IT equipment in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner over a usage period of up to 5 years ,Start from Rm60/Per Month

Reduces unforeseen maintenance costs.

Quality Assurance

Improves work productivity

Rental device

Why Need rental from us ?

Avoid product obsolescence with planned replacement

Avoid capital expenditure restrictions.

Avoid disrupt your office’s computer

Avoid the upgrade battle

Eliminate potential damage from handling

Alleviate potential failure of your equipment

Rental service & Benefit

Free Maintenance Cover

We are 100% Onsite technical support from Our Rental device from Customer

Free Setup Service

Free setup & installation services upon delivery, totally hassle free.

Flexible Plan

We are offer flexible rental plan for each customer for Easy forward business and Low Cost

Quality Assurance

Strict quality check & recondition process to ensure our products are in good conditions

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