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Our Product

Our distribution category and retail in the market

Camera & Gadget

Distribution camera accessories More than 11 year in Malaysia , Singapore and Thailand Camera product supply & experience

Outdoor Camping

Supply Outdoor & reseller in retail for Camping, Sports and Hiking product. More than 15000 customer base in Malaysia

Home & Living

Supply E-commerce seller for kitchen , Bathroom, and living products, Special design and value price for lifestyle customer

Beauty & Hair

Selling More than 20000 ladies' customer by Beauty social network and community

Dealer deal with business

We’ve been trusted by customers for over 10 years to provide exceptional products and services. Our dedicated distributor network ensures customer satisfaction.

Why Us

Market Trend product

Keep up with the latest market trending product. Get insights and updates to stay ahead of the curve!

Network Module

More than 10 year of distribution dealer network in Malaysia and system .

Quality control

Ensure the highest quality products with our efficient quality control services.

Partner Ship

Good factory production to join our network and enjoy the market result for increase product expirence

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